Red Eddy and The Al Steeles share collaborative single ‘Forever Riding Rainbows’

A wonderful duo built on the talents of an established voice-over artist and session singer and a talented member of The Korgis, Red Eddy & The Al Steeles have been exploring new sounds and arrangements for years now. Having started working together to compose music for soundtrack and media use, the duo has created a strong creative partnership, blending Red’s lyrics with Al’s dynamic arrangements to make some truly special musical moments.

Arguably one of their most instantly affecting releases, ‘Forever Riding Rainbows’ sees Red and Al delivering an uplifting musical anthem, combining Red’s rich and positive delivery with Al’s arresting arrangements, along with a little extra magic courtesy of Si Genaro. A wholly positive release that encourages people to stay strong and resilient in the face of challenges, ‘Forever Riding Rainbows’ is the duo’s first release that didn’t have a commissioned commercial outlet, marking an impressive milestone for all artists involved.

Wrapped in lyrics that artfully promote unity, perseverance, and positivity, the single is as symbolic as it is entertaining, delivering sweet, resonating vocals, flourishes of textured harmonica, gently strummed acoustics, and full, sweeping strings to create something truly special. As the song progresses, we’re treated to a gorgeous layering of delicate harmonies that shine alongside a textured guitar solo from Al, offering not only positivity and charm but also a lot of impressive musical ability as well. The choruses are particularly powerful, standing tall within the song to remind us all that we are forever riding rainbows and bursting through dark clouds that get in our way.

Speaking about the impact of the song so far, the duo shared, “'Forever Riding Rainbows' has had a big impact already, being a cheer to those struggling with life challenges or a dull February day. The message to be forever riding rainbows down through hurricanes, an uplifting reminder that no storm lasts long. It's found a following on the folk scene with Red performing it solo at festivals a plenty last summer in a cut back live acoustic version that saw crowds joining her chorally, and sometimes tears being shed.”

Red also added, "I originally wrote the song as a message to my daughter, a kind of pocket life advice as she headed towards her teenage years. My dear and wonderfully prolific songwriter friend Luke Concannon, formerly of 'Nizlopi' was a real influence and inspired me to take it out live and invite the audience to interact with me. I love and am very humbled by the way that so many people have found their own meaning or comfort in it."

A song that is perfectly formed and paced, ‘Forever Riding Rainbows’ is a song that inspires and charms, capturing an emotional range that will affect every listener.  The studio version of 'Forever Riding Rainbows' can be heard here and on all major streaming platforms.

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