Seattle’s Jet///Lag unleash a wave of sharp indie-punk in new EP ‘I’ll Be The Same’

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Formed through a shared love of Star Wars, power-pop, Marvel, and Dungeons & Dragons, Seattle’s Jet///Lag first came to notice with the release of their debut single and EP in 2019. Since then, they have been carving out an undeniable path through their local scene, wielding a heavily blend of melodic punk riffs, catchy emo hook, and anthemic power pop punk.

Five years later, and the band are back in the spotlight with the release of new EP ‘I’ll Be The Same’, reflecting on the success of last year’s album, and sharing a five-track collection that is the most representative sound of the band yet. Recorded, engineered, mixed, produced, and mastered by Don Farwell at Earwig Studios, ‘I’ll Be The Same’ is a powerful step up for the band that will catch you off-guard in all the best ways.

Opening with ‘Fireside’, Jet///Lag unleashed a powerful first gambit, delivering searing guitar and punk riffs that are underpinned perfectly by melodic pop trappings. Kicking up the dust and channelling early ‘90s pop-punk colliding with rhythmic, almost melancholic tones in the chorus, it’s a powerhouse anthem that make you sit straight and take immediate notice. As second track ‘How To Be’ arrives, the band hits their stride, forging a cataclysmic opening line that reminds you early Subways and Violent Soho. Set through fierce vocals and perfect indie-punk instrumentals, it’s a true highlight of the EP that carries brilliantly into third cut ‘Lucky For Now’.

The longest song on the album, ‘Lucky For Now’ is perfectly placed, carrying the EP forward with a shifting soundscape, energetic backing vocals, and tempered, rising guitars. It’s a track that bucks the trend of rapid-fire punk anthems, drawing itself out over five-minutes and looking to replicate the success of opener 'Fireside’. In the closing tracks of ‘Porch Talks’ and ‘Rocket’, Jet///Lag vary their sound remarkably, stepping away to create more bass heavy sounds steeped in almost steady, reflective tones that build to a triumphant volley of classic punk sounds. It’s ‘Rocket’ that really holds your focus though, featuring additional writing from Austin Milner, Ian Call, Joseph Weiler, and Mikey Davis, it’s an emotion, heavy track that hinges on lines like “I want to cut right through, and take the easy way out.”

An undeniable release that will stay with us for years to come, ‘I’ll Be The Same’ is a brazen and brilliant combination of melodic punk riffs and spiked pop-punk tracks, searing into your mind a perfect portrait of what Jet///Lag can do. You can stream the new EP now on all major platforms, along with the rest of the band’s acclaimed discography.

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