Honeycub – ‘Battleground’

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A roaring three-piece band with a penchant for heavy alt-rock anthems, Honeycub have made their mark on 2022 in the best way possible, releasing a stunning new single that is sure to impress. Titled ‘Battleground’, the new cut sees the band capitalising on the success of their first four releases, building an unassailable sound that is raw, authentic, and utterly disarming.

Heavily inspired by the injustice of current world events, the new single is an impassioned battle cry to all of the oppressed, letting them know that their voices can be heard and that they have the power to change the world. Lyrically, it’s emphatically describes standing up for your beliefs and remaining defiant in the face of cruelty and uncertainty, touching on real life events such as the as the BLM movement, murder of Sarah Everard, and the constant dishonesty of those in charge.

Musically, ‘Battleground’ is a subtle, but evocative progression for Honeycub, with far more complexity and attention to detail being added during the song writing and production sessions in North London. Produced Alex Loring, the result is a refined, punchy single that will act as a time capsule for future generations to understand the feeling of the world during these turbulent years.

Written during the recent COVID-19 pandemic that has plagued us all for the past few years, ‘Battleground’ is one of five new tracks that the band are ready to unleash. Check it out below.

A talented trio from the heart of Leeds, Honeycub formed in 2018, and since then they’ve been carving out an impressive path with their nuanced hybrid sound. A fine melting pot that has been described as a blend of “90's alternative and grunge with flavours of early Radiohead and Muse with a topping of modern-day Royal Blood,” they’re arguably one of the biggest bands of the year.

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