LMP The Rapper – ‘Airplane Mode’

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A talented young artist who has been making waves in recent years, LMP The Rapper is a new breed of artist who is determined to make his mark. At just seventeen years old, LMP’s career is only just beginning, but already he’s been behind some massive independent singles like ‘I Can’t Love Myself’, ‘Empty Bottles’, and now, the brilliant ‘Airplane Mode’.

Best known by his stage name, Daniel Layton, took his musical moniker early in his career, establishing himself as LMP The Rapper, a unique and engaging creation which stands for ‘Lyrically Mentally Physically’. Under the name, he’s been carving his own path through the independent scene, delivering a bold lyrical style inspired by artists such as Joyner Lucas, Hopsin, Eminem, NF, and Witt Lowry.

Musically, LMP’s sound comes from the heart and his own vivid experiences, as he explained, “I write music about my own and other people's hurt and try to make a positive from it.” In every track, LMP looks to create bold and bewitching listening aural experiences, capturing a sense of realism that is honest, relatable, and hard to deny. In his latest single, the seminal ‘Airplane Mode’, LMP has focused on his strengths, mixing his vocals and hard-earned lyrics with euphonic instrumentals and plenty of passion.

With almost 18,000 streams on Spotify already, ‘Airplane Mode’ has quickly become LMP’s most accomplished single to date, and it’s easy to see why. Filled with emotion and a wealth of artistic flourishes, it’s a single that perfectly captures his sound and style, delivering polished rap anthemics with a real sense of purpose.

The new single is available now on all major platforms, and as part of our official Spotify playlist for 2022, where it’s streaming alongside some of the year’s best independent talents. For more from LMP The Rapper, make sure you check out his social media pages below!

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