I Passed Away – ‘Acid Rain’

A multi-talented artist with a penchant for blending multiple styles and sounds into one unique voice, I Passed Away is a cut above your typical emo-rap artist. From bangers to heartbreakers, he’s been building up an impressive discography ever since his debut single dropped in 2018, re-shaping the modern rap scene with his innovative ambient sound. After already drawing praise from a number of online publications, I Passed Away is ready to make his mark on 2021 with his first standalone single, ‘Acid Rain’.

A unique cut that follows on from the bold, textured sounds of his ‘Kaleidoscope’ EP, ‘Acid Rain’ perfectly showcases the young rappers ability to blend a diverse range of sounds into one unified piece. Armed with crisp production, flowing melodies, and authentic rhymes that come straight from the heart, the new single cuts an impressive path that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

As with his last EP, ‘Acid Rain’ is another collaborative affair, only this time I Passed Away has enlisted the talents of the one-and-only Girldust, with both artists combining their talents to create a truly unique listening experience. Enchanting, disarming, and constantly evolving, the new single is a perfect illustration of I Passed Away’s hybrid sound, and yet another example of why he’s been taking the contemporary music scene by storm.

You can stream ‘Acid Rain’ below on Spotify, and it’s also streaming as part of our annual and hip-hop playlists alongside a fresh roster of other impressive young rappers who are destined to make their mark.

Bringing a striking image and faultless individuality to rap, I Passed Away has proven himself to be one of the most relevant, versatile and expressive young artists the United States has to offer. With a strong back catalogue of original songs that consistently hit hard, there’s no telling just how far he might go.

For more music, along with details of I Passed Away’s upcoming show with Gray Skyes and Elgie at the West Chicago Social Club, make sure you head to his social media pages below.

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