Scott Patterson – ‘I Want To Kiss You More’

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An accomplished actor in film, television and theatre, Scott Patterson might be best known for his roles as Luke Danes in Gilmore Girls and as Special Agent Peter Strahm in the Saw films, but for the past few years, he’s also been working hard on his music career. While his band SMITHRADIO have already made their mark with the release of a string of impressive singles and their six-track EP, Revolution’, Scott has also embarked on an impressive solo career, showcasing his talents with a fine blend of ‘60s blues rock and modern showmanship.

Earlier this year, Scott released the seminal ‘Surrender’, an emotive single and modern love song about the one who got away. It was a song that had his fans enraptured, and also instilled them with hope for more, with multi-talented actor and musician announcing on Facebook, “I have written probably close to 900 songs over my lifetime and this is my favorite.”

Today, Scott has revealed his expressive follow-up single, with ‘I Want to Kiss You More’ surfacing on all major streaming platforms. Ringing with a gorgeous nostalgic vibe that echoes the golden sounds of early rock, ‘I Want To Kiss You More’ is a bright, up-tempo piece that sees Scott indulging in big choruses and a strong guitar-based melody. Enjoyable, relatable, and easy to sing along to, it’s a radio-friendly anthem that perfectly conveys Scott’s style to the world.

Available now on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and more, ‘I Want To Kiss You More’ has already garnered a stream of positive feedback from fans, with Scott’s social media pages erupting with praise for the single.

Along with his blossoming musical career, Scott is also the President and COE of Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee, a company dedicated to finding the best coffees from around the world and bringing them to you at a great price. More recently, he’s also started a new podcast, ‘I Am All In’, in which he recaps episodes of Gilmore Girls with a host of special celebrity guests.

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