Jacqueline Judith Harp makes her debut with ‘Made It’ via Soul On Fire Records

Jacqueline Judith Harp began writing songs in her teenage years and instantly felt it was her calling. After moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dream, she felt that the timing just wasn’t right for her, and for a time, she let her dream sit idle. In 2023 however, Jacqueline returned to music with a newfound passion, taking advantage of a major shift in her life to resume her musical journey.

With over one hundred songs already written and just waiting to be discovered, Jacqueline has spent the last year making her mark, starting an independent label and taking the brave step of releasing his debut single. Titled ‘Made It’, and released on her own Soul On Fire Records, Jacqueline’s debut single is a joyful blend of retro soul, pop, and R&B, reflecting her diverse influences and musical prowess.

Adding a distinct personal touch, ‘Made It’ explores the professional side of Jacqueline’s life, celebrating the achievement of significant goals as a singer-songwriter and recording artist. The track serves as a testament to her talent and blossoming success, and she not only lent her soulful vocals to the track but also worked to produce and mix it herself, creating a cohesive, personal release.

Along with the release of ‘Made It’, Jacqueline is also championing her second single ‘Time’, which is also streaming now on all major platforms. Delivering a soulful sound, both songs reflect Jacqueline’s passionate and personal approach to music, allowing her to express herself most fully.

To date, ‘Made It’ and ‘Time’ have already been warmly received by audiences, particularly in Australia, with over 200,000 combined streams on Spotify alone. Jacqueline once spent several months in Melbourne and has many fond memories of the city, so it’s only fitting that Australia has shown her so much love.

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