Maria Rosenberg shares an enchanting tale of love and resurrection in ‘Say My Name’

An indie-pop sensation with an innate talent for crafting dreamy melodies and soul-stirring sounds, Maria Rosenberg has recently shared her latest emotive single, unveiling a luscious tale of love and resurrection with ‘Say My Name’. Backed by soft, jazzy undertones and Maria’s thought-provoking lyrics that are cut from one heart to another, the single is a brilliant new release that will have you utterly enchanted.

A nuanced indie-pop single that is layered perfectly with shimmering, melodic guitars and driven alt-rock influences, everything about ‘Say My Name’ embraces the euphoric nature of new relationships, while also covering the darker, more complicated aspects that we have all faced at one time or another. Reflective and wonderfully authentic, ‘Say My Name’ ebbs and flows with feeling, balancing Maria’s dreamlike vocals with sultry saxophone notes and reflective indie-pop passages.

Leading up to the release of the single, Maria shared her creative process, revealing that the song was written during the initial weeks of her sobriety in lockdown at Jimmy Page's house in Sussex. Contemplating life changes, the track is a poignant expression of resilience and embracing new beginnings.

Produced by Stuart Matthewman a founding member of the legendary band Sade, ‘Say My Name’ is available now on all your favourite streaming platforms, including Spotify below.

With the new single, Maria invites listeners into a world where the boundaries between reality and dreams blur, echoing the surrealism of Twin Peaks. Her fearless exploration of her personal struggles and triumphs gives 'Say My Name' an honest and authentic sound, adding depth and character that amplifies the power of the song perfectly.

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