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Outerbound – ‘Before Bad Times’

  • 2 min read

When the enigmatic duo of Outerbound popped up on our radar, they came armed with a stellar new single and a heartfelt message that instantly struck a chord with us here at Broken 8 Records. A unique project that delves into the dark, shifting heart of modern alternative rock, Outerbound is a powerful musical force that combines talents of a Russian singer and guitarist, and a Californian songwriter and instrumentalist, creating a sharp, cinematic sound that is undeniably immersive and impossibly good.

After meeting online, the pair wasted little time in shaping the alt-rock landscape, forming Outerbound and setting their sights on bringing a unique twist to the now-classic genre. Together, the pair wanted to do something new within their genre, to blaze their own path and create sounds that would resonate with their listeners and reflect their own cultural elements. Speaking candidly on Spotify, the band explained that their goal is to make their music something special, something that people can feel, relate to and emphasise with, and with the release of new single ‘Before Bad Times’, they’ve done just that.

A visceral alt-rock release that follows debut single ‘My Queen’, which dropped on Spotify last year, ‘Before Bad Times’ is another wonderfully layered and engaging release from the rising duo, one that capitalises on a lavish, calling sound and sense of grandeur that is absolutely riveting.

Opening with a slow, lingering sound, that blends a deep rolling melody with shades of shifting, hypnotic instrumentals, the new track is perfectly balanced and seamlessly produced, showing the duo at their creative best. As the song continues, emotive vocals mingle with wandering guitar chords, beats rise and fall, and everything builds to a perfect storm of sonic sounds that let fly in the chorus. It’s a massive and intoxicating single, and essential new listening for any fan of indie sounds.

When ‘Before Bad Times’ arrived on our doorstep, Outerbound wrapped it in a simple, but evocative message, stating, “We both want to create music that people can resonate with and truly feel. We plan on making more music in the future and hope people truly do enjoy ‘Before Bad Times’”, and in perfect form, that’s the best possible tagline for the single. Honest, hopeful, and built to inspire, it’s a single that everyone needs to hear.

You can stream ‘Before Bad Times’ on Spotify today, as well as on our official 2021 playlist, and be sure to follow Outerbound on their Facebook and Instagram pages below so you never miss a new release.

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