Jay Wood - 'Oh Well'

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Released today, Western Australia's Jay Wood inspires listeners to overcome any challenge with new single, ‘Oh Well’. After a devastating car accident seven years ago, Jay was revived and faced a long and challenging road to recovery. Despite being told she would never regain her abilities, Jay defied the odds, re-learning how to walk and play music.

Her determination is an inspiration to us all, demonstrating that we can overcome any obstacle. 'Oh Well' holds even deeper significance as Jay wrote it during a time when same-sex marriage was not yet legal in Australia. The song tells a heart-wrenching story of love lost, offering a touching perspective on the struggles faced by the LGBTQ+ community. Through her music, Jay aims to inspire others and spread a message of hope and resilience.

A prelude to the 1st September release of EP, ‘Respire’, the new single serves as a testament to Jay's resilience and determination following a life-altering car accident that left her with a Catastrophic Traumatic Brain Injury, and embodies her unwavering spirit, inspiring listeners with its uplifting message.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by the talented team at Norman Solander Studios, 'Oh Well' is a deeply personal song that delves into the complex emotions surrounding a significant relationship. The lyrics convey heartfelt intentions and the excitement of a future together. However, the narrative takes a bittersweet turn, exploring the heartbreak and resilience that followed when her partner left unexpectedly. The resulting song is a compelling blend of upbeat melodies and subtly mournful lyrics, with the recurring phrase "oh well" serving as an emotional reminder of love lost.

Speaking of the single, Jay explained, “[The song] began as a cute upbeat song professing heartfelt intentions toward her but morphed into more of an optimistic song with a lament of the love gone by, hence the weaving of the phrase “oh well” throughout.”

Through her lyricism, reminiscent of the meaning injected through the songs of Phoebe Bridges and Missy Higgins, Jay expresses herself with raw honesty, quirkiness, and a "no holds barred" approach. Her songs fill listeners with unique and enlightened thoughts about love, life, and the human experience. By sharing her own challenges and triumphs, she creates a profound connection with her audience, encouraging them to find strength within themselves.

Jay's upcoming EP, 'Respire,' is the culmination of years of perseverance and resilience. Relearning the melodies and tunes from her lost memories was a painstaking process that required daily Functional Neuroscientific Therapy. Overcoming multiple health setbacks pertaining to her Brain Injury, Jay defied the odds to craft an EP that embodies her triumphant spirit. 'Respire' symbolises the power of choosing to embrace life, cherishing every breath and living with love and gratitude.

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