Nothing But Thieves - 'Dead Club City'

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The past few years have been quite a ride for Southend five-piece Nothing But Thieves. Together, the band have amassed over 1.2 million worldwide album sales, 2 billion worldwide streams and 250 million video views, lashing out with their impactful alt rock sound and achieving global success.

Recently, the band have been setting the stage for their fourth album, 'Dead Club City', sharing singles ‘Welcome to the DCC’ and ‘Overcome’ alongside album focus track ‘Tomorrow Is Closed’. In true form, the singles have delivered sharp glimpses into their “city sized members club“, painting a vivid picture of this dystopia disguised as a utopia where frontman Conor Mason cries, "Tomorrow is closed, there’s no future at all.”

With socially insightful lyrics and an adept ability to progress their sound, the new album sees Nothing But Thieves wilfully experimenting, delivering a concept album that charges between diverse genres and sonically leftfield sounds. Within the first single and opening track ‘Welcome to the DCC’, the band introduces listeners to the ideal universe of Dead Club City, hitting out with disco-lite beats, wavy synths and an undeniable swagger. Second single 'Overcome' arrives as the band's first epic-pop anthem, carving out roadtrip sound that is spiked with emotionally laden choruses. This emotion carries on well into 'Tomorrow Is Closed', a highlight cut that sees the band working together in full flight.

As the album continues past the singles, Nothing But Theives continue to innovative, marking an impressive new chapter. As it rallies, songs like 'Keeping You Around' dive into some smooth R&B, while 'City Haunts' and 'Do You Love Me Yet?' find inspiration in a fine blend of dance-rock energy. Eighth track 'Green Eyes :: Siena' marks a moment of calm in the proceedings, stripping things back to just vocals, guitar and strings, before 'Foreign Language' charges forward, lashing out as Nothing But Thieves at their alt rock best.

Recorded and self-produced by Nothing But Thieves guitarist Dom Craik alongside John Gilmore (production, engineering) and Mike Crossey (mixing), 'Dead City Club' was brought to life over six months at Kyoto Studios in Essex.

Through the eleven-track album, the band bring to life their city-sized members only club, carving out a narrative that is formed by different characters and story arcs from in and around the city. It's an impressive feat, marked well by big ideas, pop hooks, soul flourishes, hip hop beats, crunchy riffs and Conor’s remarkable vocals.

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