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Jon Rhys Voerman - ‘Back To The Fire’

  • 2 min read

A Northern Irish musician with a penchant for classic rock sounds, Jon Rhys Voerman has delivered a raucous collaborative single inspired by golden 80’s sounds. Released with the help of vocalist Ren Prior-White, ‘Back To The Fire’ is a rampant, nostalgia filled anthem that see’s Jon moving forward as an artist, while casting a knowing glance back through time.

Raised in a household that was filled with the sounds of classic rock icons like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Rainbow, and Dokken, to name just a few, Jon has always had a passion for the timeless, stadium-sized sounds of the ‘80s rock scene. It makes perfect sense then that his new single arrives as a rebellious ode to that era, blending the raw anthemics of that age with his own unique style. Joined by vocalist Ren, who Jon commented stated was “is the star of the song,” the track is a searing slice of impassioned rock.

With influences spanning from melodic death metal, neo-classical and hard rock to gypsy jazz, flamenco and even 80s pop music, Jon has always been a multi-faceted artist, and so it's no surprise that his take on the 80s style is fittingly impressive. Available now on Spotify, and most major streaming services, the track shows a brilliant willingness to experiment and expand his sound, and has clearly made its mark, gaining over 30,000 streams since its release.

Along with the release of ‘Back To The Fire’, Jon is also championing an impressive and incredibly diverse back-catalogue, it doesn’t take too long to get drawn into his Spotify page, with singles like ‘Beyond Aphrodite’, and the full album from which ‘Back To The Fire’ is taken, standing strong as perfect illustrations of his abilities and style.

With aspirations of being a neo-classical guitarist when he was younger, Jon delved heavily into guitarists like Alexi Laiho, Hizaki, Synyster Gates, Randy Rhoads, and Yngwie Malmsteen, when he was younger, laying the foundation for style. Further inspired by classical artists like Vivaldi, Bach, Grieg, Handel, and Mozart, his style has a multi-faceted, hybrid feel to it, ensuring that every song he shares has something surprising at its core.

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