Ghost U Like It I Love It - ‘Don’t Take It Away’

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A six-time Akademia Music Award winning and Grammy nominated artist, Ghost U Like It I Love It stands as one of the most intriguing and accomplished artists on our radar. A multi-faceted performer, artist, producer, and choreographer, Ghost has had the music industry enraptured for years now, and it’s all thanks to releases like ‘Don’t Take It Away’.

After being previously signed to two labels, Ghost cut ties in 2014, carving out his own path and creating his very own independent record label. Since then, he has released, produced, written, rapped, and sung over 250 tracks and counting, taking full control of his prolific creative streak. Infusing every release with a strong Southern style, owing to his Texan birth, Ghost brings to the table music and lyrics that constantly excite fans and critics alike.

His latest single in an ever-growing legacy, ‘Don’t Take It Away’ arrives as a bold collaboration with Til December, channeling both artists' amazing backgrounds and unique skill sets. The single is a brilliant blend of light, auto-tuned vocals, slick production, and deep, rolling bass lines, creating a hybrid blend between sensual R&B and more melodic hip-hop. Speaking about the release, Ghost shared, “This song was put together one night during a relaxed studio session. Once the guitar started it was all go from there. Hope you enjoy the journey we both took through this track.”

Available now on all major streaming platforms, ‘Don’t Take It Away’ is a perfect illustration of Ghost’s varied, creative style, offering an enjoyable, but thoroughly original sound that will have the most unyielding of hip-hop fans crying out for more.

Throughout his career so far, Ghost has released eleven studio albums, each capturing a different style and sound. In his own words, “No album is ever the same, they are all uniquely different and share a story.” Ghost has creatively blended and mastered many different genres throughout his tracks and career, proving that nothing will stop or get in his way of transforming the music industry.

You can stream more of Ghost’s work via his Spotify page and be sure to check out his various social media pages, where he posts often about new releases, shows, and news relating to his stark, creative world.

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