Lyol - 'Afloat'

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An incredibly talented newcomer to the music world, Lyol has recently shared a brand new indie-pop anthem, capturing an ethereal sound that reflects the more intimate and poetic moments in everyday life.

After embarking on a life-changing journey to Nevada, the nineteen-year-old singer and songwriter has been passionately pursuing his dreams as an artist, refining his sound, and celebrating his culture. An artist of Filipino descent, Lyol grew up in a culture where singing is an integral part of childhood. Whether there was a reason to celebrate or it was just a casual gathering of family and friends, they would turn to their karaoke jukeboxes to enjoy themselves. His mother frequently purchased Song Hits magazines for him when he was little, and they would spend quality time together learning new songs. It was these humble moments that helped foster Lyol's appreciation for music, setting a foundation for modern day icons like Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Yeng Constantino, and Imagine Dragons to fully awaken his passion.

Since moving to the United States, Lyol has been a musical force to be reckoned with, pursuing his dream and channeling his ambitions into a string of impressive independent singles. Starting with ‘(I Think) I’m Falling’, Lyol set the standard for his sound in perfect form, but now, he’s elevated his music to a whole new transcendent level, capturing dream-like indie pop sounds in the brilliant ‘Afloat’. 

A single written to incorporate introspective lyrics, flowing melodic hooks, and a chilled out atmosphere perfect for the more serene moments in life, ‘Afloat’ sees Lyol refining his sound beautifully. Built onacoustic instruments and assembled from a textured medley of guitar and violin strings, it’s a single that draws you in gently, enveloping you in a serendipitous sound that will stay with you long after the song has faded to silence. 

Speaking about the single, Lyol told us, “At its core, ‘Afloat’ is about the joy of unexpectedly falling in love and the incredible transformative power it brings. It explores the depth of emotions and challenges faced by people who usually keep their feelings concealed. Then, finding the courage to open up for that special someone, driven by an unwavering faith in destiny and an undeniable conviction that our and the person-we-like's paths are intertwined.”

He continued, “This song brings forth the feelings we have through the journey of budding love and contemplation with the imagery of being afloat. These once-in-a-while moments in our lives make us feel like we are soaring above the constraints of everyday life, even for a while, and that’s what I wanted to convey.”

Available now, ‘Afloat’ is a brilliant re-introduction to Lyol, building off the sound of his debut, but showing a new confidence and growing sense of self. Perfect for both those soft, intimate moments with a partner, or serene moments of peace and self-reflection, the single is proof that Lyol has talents that go well beyond his small discography.

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