Sophie Breton tackles doubt and hopelessness with 'Is Love Enough'

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Taking to the music scene back in 2019, Sophie Breton has turned her love and passion for music into her blossoming career. Transitioning seamlessly from fan to artist, Sophie has artfully intertwined his personal experiences with her penchant for soulful, melodic pop sounds. On her latest single, the third from her upcoming album, Sophie tackles doubt and hopelessness, delivering a sweet, melancholic sound that will have her fans enraptured.

Stemming from deep-seated doubts about whether or not love is possible in our current climate, ‘Is Love Enough’ is hauntingly smooth, building on Sophie’s vocals to create an inviting and emotive sound. As the song develops, acoustic guitar flows tenderly, before a powerful distorted riff kicks in, tightly followed by the chorus and a dramatic melody builds tension perfectly.

Lyrically, Sophie explores doubt and hopelessness, delving deep into an anthemic sentiment that is relatable to all. With her honeyed, commanding voice and dynamic instrumental play, she conjures emotion effortlessly, building the single to be one of her more effective to date.

With an album set for release later this year, Sophie’s new single sets the perfect foundation, showcasing her strength as an artist, and firmly putting her on everyone’s radar. A single that leaves you with both a melody and an undeniable feeling, ‘Is Love Enough’ is something truly special.

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