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LCTR - ‘Goodness Won't Save You From The Fire’

  • 2 min read

From the rapidly rising hardcore scene in Richmond, Virginia comes LCTR, a driven band built from veteran musicians with one aim in mind, to deliver a heavy, stripped down hardcore sound. A band for fans of The Acacia Strain, Animosity, and Ion Dissonance, LCTR have just released their soon-to-be iconic debut EP, offering three original tracks that simply refuse to be forgotten.

A four-piece band with a wealth of experience behind them, including time spent in local bands like Diseased Earth, Alcindor, and Cut The Architect’s Hand, LCTR know exactly how to deliver heavy, dominating sounds, and on ‘Goodness Won’t Save You From The Fire’, they’ve made their mark in perfect form. Armed with three tracks totalling over just over ten minutes of titanic, unyielding sound, the band cover incredible ground on the EP, tackling themes like mental health, negative emotions, and the daily struggles we all have to face.

On opening cut ‘Kayfabe as Personal Philosophy’, the band introduce us to their brilliant, yet brutal sound, one that is spiked with dense guttural sounds, caustic guitar riffs, and a sharp, ragged production. It’s a blaring cacophony of heavy sounds and devilish breakdowns, and it’ll have you hooked in an instant. Elsewhere on the record, ‘Barb Wire Crown’ carries forward the same brash intensity, but shows a more evolved sound, pushing harder with a more erratic and complex structure. It lashes out wildly, attacking with a dynamic barrage of riffs and breaks, locking in a solid old-school sound, while warmly embracing modern metal elements.With closing number ‘A Discourse in Disillusionment’, LCTR really come into their own, hitting hard with relentless riffing, rapid-fire beats, and some undeniable vocals. It’s the band at their harshest and most severe, but also most impressive, fully embracing a rampant, relentless structure that is stitched together by a shifting, unshakable groove.

In an interview with Rock Era Magazine, the band shared the story behind the EP, saying “None of us can escape fate, we are all at the mercy of the great decider. These songs are all the frustrations and stress we deal with in daily life, the audio equivalent of baring our souls.”

It’s a powerful message, and it fits the mould that LCTR have created. It’s resilient, unrelenting, and built to last, offering three tracks that will keep you right on the edge of your seat. Filled with cataclysmic riffs, dense bass lines, and skilled songwriting, ‘Goodness Won't Save You From The Fire’ is a brief, but brilliant introduction to the band, and we can’t wait to hear more.

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