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Say what you will about modern rap, but it’s easily one of the most diverse scenes around. With thousands of artists fighting to get heard and be the next big thing, it’s a magical moment when you find one that just stops you in your tracks. One of those rare artists, Yami has risen to the forefront of the scene, and it’s all thanks to his latest EP, ‘HRTBRK SZN’.

A unique piece that puts the TLS rapper on the main stage, ‘HRTBRK SZN’ delivers five original tracks and a wealth of talent, capturing a rapid-fire, eclectic energy and bringing it straight to your speakers. Opening with ‘A Letter To Her’, a textured lo-fi cut, Yami wastes little time in making his mark, creating an intoxicating sound that draws you in time and time again. From there, the release is a wild ride of sounds and styles, touching on boom-bap eccentricity in ‘Memories’ and ‘Make It Rain’, along with starker R&B sounds in ‘Illusion’ and the experimental stylings of ‘Butterfly’.

A bold illustration of Yami’s talents, and a powerful follow-up to previous singles such as ‘Snake’ and ‘Flying Like’, ‘HRTBRK SZN’ offers so much in such a short space of time, boldly stepping between styles and genres with ease and confidence. Available now on Spotify and Deezer, this is a release you won’t want to miss.

Speaking candidly about the new EP, Yami shared in an Instagram post, “I’m proud to release my second EP, HRTBRK SZN! A different take on my previous content that I hope you’ll enjoy listening to!!”

Make sure you check out the full EP above, or head on over to our official Spotify playlist for 2022, where you can stream lead single ‘Butterfly’ alongside a string of other impressive tracks from the year so far.

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