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Link&Chain – ‘Ready’

  • 2 min read

A band of brothers from the sun-kissed shores of Jamaica, Link&Chain have been writing songs and harmonizing together for decades. Now caught somewhere between Jamaica and Florida, the band have been burning a torch well the 2020’s, adding new chapters to their storied history and producing some of the finest reggae tracks of the modern age. After spending their formative years performing at renowned festivals such as Reggae Sunsplash and the Riverside Arts Festival, it comes as no surprise that their latest single is filled with raw, expansive sounds and a touch of live energy.

Titled ‘Ready’, the new single harks back to the band’s beginnings, delivering a melting pot of genres and styles that celebrate cultural and creative freedoms in all their glory. A testament to the band’s ethos, their name was chosen because of its significance to the struggle of the brother’s ancestors, as well as a symbolic gesture of staying strong together like links on a chain. With decades of experience behind them, the brother’s unique spiritual, danceable music has left an undeniable mark upon the world, and ‘Ready’ is another strong anthem purpose-built to uplift, educate and entertain.

Revolving around some stunning lyrics that will brighten your day and soak you in good vibes, ‘Ready’ is a masterclass in vocal control and contextual arrangements, delivering a vibrant, example of the band’s creative spirit and Rastafarian faith. The themes and celebratory tones of the track are undeniably enthralling, taking the listener on a journey of soulful introspection, while also layering plenty of cheer into the mix. Paying a bold and authentic tribute to the early reggae movement, while also proudly expressing Jamaican culture, ‘Ready’ is a rare breed of track that is fiercely modern and wonderfully profound.

With no shortage of accolades, the band have been championed all across the world, including by Cecilia Campbell of Powerhouse Magazine, who wrote, “Link&Chain left tongues wagging and hearts beating after they gave a stunning performance on Emancipation Day Celebration. They kept the vibes flowing with each selection performed”.

Some of the freshest reggae of the modern age, ‘Ready’ is a song that blends bright sounds with insightful lyrics, spreading an important message of humanity while entertaining all who hear it.

An outstanding group the revolves around four extraordinary talents, Link&Chain is the combined voice of Dwight Campbell, the maestro known as ‘Tah-Seti’, Paul Williams, the big voice and ‘Mirror’ of the group. Trevor Douglas, the inspiration who is also known ‘Kasha’, and the newest member, O’Neil Griffiths. Be sure to follow the band today on their social media pages, and tune into ‘Ready’ on all major platforms.

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