Alana Joanne – ‘Dirrty Diamonds’

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A bold talent and the driving force behind the ‘dirty pop’ movement, Alana Joanne is easily one of the most unique and powerful rising stars that Australia has to offer. A singer, songwriter, and performer with a natural and unmistakable confidence, sensuality and passion, Alana has developed a style entirely her own, taking lead from iconic artists like Lady Gaga, Amy Lee of Evanescence and Kesha. With a growing arsenal of songs that includes everything from pop-infused anthems and haunting, evocative ballads, she’s become an unstoppable and wonderfully exciting creative force.

When we last spoke with Alana, she had just released the seminal ‘Undress Me’, a spellbinding blend of universal pop and shimmering electronics, but today, she’s got something even bolder in store. A brand new single that shines with a gritty, but undeniable upbeat pop sound, ‘Dirrty Diamond’s takes Alana’s vibrant sound to the next level, combine an unforgettable sound with lyrics that speak right to the heart of her audience.

A song about overcoming trauma and understanding your own worth, ‘Dirrty Diamonds’ is an anthem for anyone who is still fighting to overcome their haters and their demons and yearning to find self-love. In her own words, Alana expressed the sentiment of the new track, “Diamonds are formed under pressure, extreme circumstances, so for all of us who were ever told weren’t good enough, we would never amount to anything, you’re too fat or too skinny, too poor, too different, ugly or stupid, or just downright bullied and belittled, this is our anthem”.

A dark, but truly uplifting song, ‘Dirrty Diamonds’ will have all of Alana’s fans breaking into song and rallying around a modern pop battle cry. Her third stellar release this year, the new single is Alana at her very best, and with more releases planned, she’s only just getting started.

You can stream the new single above via Spotify and be sure to follow Alana on her social media pages below so you never miss a beat.

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