Tobi Adey – ‘I See Lightning’

Recently, we were lucky enough to be put in touch with rising rap icon Tobi Adey, covering his recently released EP, ‘Healing Notion’. An underground talent carving up London’s blossoming hip-hop scene, Tobi eloquently made his mark with the four-track EP, unleashing eight-minutes of uncompromising and evolved hip-hop that shone with a distinct neo-soul sound. It was more than enough to get us interested, and over the following few days we delved deep into his back-catalogue, journeying back to his debut record ‘Balance’, and the stellar ‘Alter Ego Trip’ which came out last year. It didn’t take long for Tobi’s fluid sound to take hold, and now, we’re proud to announce his brand new single, ‘I See Lightning’.

Set for release on the 31st of August this year, ‘I See Lightning’ is the hotly anticipated new release from Tobi that perfectly builds on his timeless soul-inspired sound. A perfect blend of old age charm and smooth, modern energy, it’s an incandescent illustration of Tobi’s sound, capturing a true West London sound that is both familiar and fiercely original.

While brief, at just under two minutes in duration, there is a lot to enjoy in the new single, and you can tell just how much of himself Tobi has put into the release. With polished production, an unforgettable, but wonderfully nuanced melody, and subtle, evocative beats that flow throughout, it’s almost impossible not to get swept away by the intimate, evocative sound.

A true and unyielding example of Tobi’s unique blend of soul and hip-hop, ‘I See Lightning’ is arguably his most instantly intoxicating and impressive releases to date. Building on the path carved out by his previous albums and EP’s, it’s easy to see his new single being his biggest yet.

While you’ll have to wait until August 31st to stream ‘I See Lightning’, you can find Tobi’s full discography on Spotify, and be sure to follow Tobi on Spotify and his social media pages so you never miss a release.

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