Chris Maragoth – ‘Lost and Separated’

A unique solo project from the dark, creative heart of Germany, Chris Maragoth has become one of the country’s most intriguing independent acts. With a diverse style that fluently transitions between several genres of rock and metal, Chris has worked hard to redefine the melodic metal scene, pushing the genre and his own creative talents to their limits.

After cutting his teeth in a string of other projects, Chris decided to pursue his own musical endeavours, breaking away from bands and striking out as a solo artist. While a guitarist at heart, Chris wrote, arranged, and recorded all the instrumentals and vocals on his solo releases, setting the stage perfectly with 2019’s ‘The Entrance’, and pushing on until the current day.

His latest release, the poignantly titled ‘Lost and Separated’, is a bold step forward for Chris, arriving as both his debut solo EP and a visceral collection of modern rock anthems. Opening with the dynamic title track, which is also the latest addition to our Spotify playlists, ‘Lost and Separated’ makes an instant impression, transcending mainstream metal and creating a unique, melodic sound that lingers on the palate and leaves an emotive trail of destruction.

Arguably one of the most ensnaring independent releases of the year so far, ‘Lost and Separated’ hits hard and keeps on hitting, unleashing a solid wave of melodic metal that will entertain even the most unflinching of fans.

You can stream the full EP via Spotify above, or find it on all major platforms by clicking here.

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