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Crooked Flower – ‘Go Back Go Back’

  • 2 min read

California Psych Rockers Crooked Flowers have been having a massive few years so far. With the release of their ‘Darkness and Light’ EP, the band have been met with a wave of positive reviews and publications, bringing their expansive sound into the blinding light of the world’s spotlight. It’s a move that has long been well-deserved, with the six-piece band having carved a brilliantly unique path through music’s modern landscape for years now.

Formed sometime in 2013, the band began when guitarist Dan Ingberman and bassist Daniel Erik started recording in Berkeley, CA. Soon after, they recruited drummer Patrick Shields, vocalist Angelina Dang, guitarist Drew Southern, and pianist Will Kyriazis to make one of the most intriguing and exciting acts in music. Bringing their unique blend of heavy bass, rolling percussion, melodic guitar, and Angela’s distinct RnB vocals to the fore, Crooked Flower have self-released two albums so far, each offering a vibrant and genre-bending glimpse into their world.

Their latest exciting offering, ‘Go Back Go Back’ is a track that features in their recently released live album, ‘Blooming - Live at Light Rail Studios’, recorded recently in San Francisco. It’s a release currently burning a hole through Spotify, bringing the passion and raucous energy of Crooked Flower’s live show to everyone willing to listen.

One of the crowd favourites, ‘Go Back Go Back’ is a stunning track that rolls through waves of psychedelic rock, relentlessly pushed forward by sharp guitar and smooth, soulful vocals. It’s also a track that the band have chosen to include in their upcoming nine-track video album, ‘Legalise Me, Love Me’, an experimental new project that will be available soon.

A band whose sole focus is their sound, you can buy all Crooked Flower’s release directly from their website for whatever price you choose, so get some now!

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