Loyal – ‘Nunna Dat’

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An artist whose music stems from his early childhood as a street hustler, Loyal has proven himself to be a focused and passionate player on the music scene. Born Kenneth Alexander Glover in Charleston, South Carolina, Loyal grew up in a city run by drugs.

After rising through the ranks to become a major drug dealer, Loyal found himself locked away on a series of drug charges. After serving his sentence, it was Loyal’s brother who helped set him on a straight and true path, buying him an MPC and a keyboard and introducing him to the wide world of music.

After selling his first record with his brother to Mercyless Records, he knew that he’d found a fresh start. Since then, Loyal has kept his nose clean and put all his energy into the music. His company, Loyal Music Group, has become one of Atlanta’s most promising new labels, and its roster features a wealth of rising artists and promotional services.

Setting the tone for his music career, Loyal has penned a number massive, rap anthems, bringing authenticity and passion to the forefront of everything he does. After a surprisingly exit from the rap scene after the launch of his label and online magazine, Loyal is back with a slew of new tracks and a renewed sense of inspiration. One of his most recent releases, ‘Nunna Dat’ is typical of Loyal’s sound, and it’s slowly becoming one of his most recognised and impressive pieces.

An impressive glimmer of his growing vision and expanding back-catalogue, Loyal has also recently released the ‘Narcotic Noize’ mixtape, a twenty-two-track collection of hip-hop anthems from the whole Loyal Music Group’s roster. Check it out now on Bandcamp.

‘Nunna Dat’ arrives alongside a brand new series of releases that Loyal has titled the ‘TOUCH U’ series, a unique playlist that is available to stream now on Youtube.

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