Pyramid – ‘Amnesty’

  • 1 min read

A collaboration of talented musicians and unique creative visionaries, Pyramid have made a name for themselves by blending emotive vocals, provoking lyrical content and evolving, forward-thinking melodies into visceral musical journeys that look deep into the hearts and minds of their audience. Akin to a combination of Rush, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Tool, Redemption, Sons of Apollo and many more, they’ve become an unparalleled force set on taking the musical world by storm.

Their third album to date, ‘Amnesty’ holds firm to the trademark Pyramid sound, bringing a spark of invention and creative freedom to the fore. A captivating journey that holds your focus from start to end, the new release is a purpose-built rollercoaster of thrills and magical moments.

Offering a varied tapestry of heartfelt melodies, shimmering riffs, djent guitars and blistering solos, it’s a release that few will be able to stand against. An album that undeniably falls within the progressive end of metal, ‘Amnesty’ is an unyielding piece that demands your attention and deserves to be heard.

Available now from the band’s official Bandcamp page, ‘Amnesty’ is a powerful illustration of Pyramid’s sound, proving that their still firmly on the rise.

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