Luma Fade blends shoegaze and indie rock on the expansive ‘Lunar Decay’

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A unique musical project that was born in the midst of the global pandemic, Luma Fade has emerged throughout 2023 as arguably one of the most intriguing independent acts around. After first making their mark with the release of debut single ‘Spring Sobriety’, Luma Fade has been busily working on their follow-up album, blending ethereal electronic soundscapes and haunting dystopian sounds to create the brilliant ‘Lunar Decay’.

Inspired by ‘the enigmatic depths of post-punk and the ethereal layers of shoegaze’, Luma Fade’s sound is perfectly realised across the album’s nine tracks, constantly expanding and evolving as the album unravels. An album inspired by the introspective days of the pandemic, ‘Lunar Decay’ stitches together themes of isolation and resilience into the narrative of a dystopian future, showcasing generations of humanity on the brink of extinction following a lunar catastrophe. It’s a wonderfully evolved concept, and one that lends itself perfectly to Luma Fade’s blend of subtle indie rock textures and more evocative dream-pop passages.

Opening with the sweeping sonic soundscape of ‘Passion Fall’, Luma Fade perfectly marries textured guitar lines and shoegaze sounds akin to Amusement Parks on Fire. It’s an instantly relatable and enjoyable sound, complete with touches of melancholy and hushed vocals that whisper poetic lines like “I found hope and passion falling down again.” In second cut ‘Nova Sunshine’, Luma Fade creates a more staggered and off-kilter melody, playing with ideas of sifting focal points to progress his unfolding narrative.

As the album continues, ‘Spring Sobriety’ returns with its ‘apocalyptic dream-pop’ sound. Reflective and introspective, it’s a song that is perfectly paced to allow for quiet contemplation, while also dragging you forward with a wave of shimmering pop overtones. From there, ‘Monsoon Morning’, the shortest track on the album, burst into life with a flurry of guitar and Death Cab for Cutie vocals. It’s a true indie cut twisted into Luma Fade’s own form, showcasing his more straight-forward songwriting and mainstream appeal. Elsewhere, ‘Dimmer Summer’, the artist treads slower, more deeply melodic territories, while the closing pairing of ‘Twilight Hours’ and ‘Winter Warming’ break between invigorating rhythmic spaces and slowly evolving instrumentals, hinting at new beginnings, even after everything has fallen apart.

Emerging from the shadows of a future yet to be, Luma Fade is an artistic odyssey with a keen ear for creating truly transportive songs. Throughout the album, he easily creates new worlds and soundscapes that move from haunting and dystopian to vivid and almost optimistic, constantly pushing forward andsearching for answers. A gateway to a dreamlike vision of what the future might be, ‘Lunar Decay’ is a brilliant release that explores the depths of imagination and the echoes of a possible future.

As well as the album’s digital release, ‘Lunar Decay’ is also available on limited edition ‘coke bottle’ clear vinyl. You can pre-order your copy today via Luma Fade’s Bandcamp page.

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