‘Jamaica’s only rockstar’ Meikz999 delivers his raw rap opus ‘The Fadeling’

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An enigmatic new artist who has proclaimed himself to be Jamaica’s only rockstar, Meikz999 has shared his new EP, ‘The Fadeling’, sharing a unique project that comes straight from his soul. Released earlier this year, the new release brings together five original tracks, showcasing Meikz999’s organic and innovative sound in a whole new light.

A prolific artist who has flooded Spotify and Soundcloud with his music, Meikz999 changed his tact with ‘The Fadeling’, delivering an EP that is bold, original, and fiercely independent. Not written or planned, but spontaneously brought to life, everything about ‘The Fadeling’ is a force of raw creativity. From the unassuming acoustic sounds and torn vocals of ‘Dire’ to the searing melodic sounds and hip-hop aesthetics of closing number ‘Touch The Sky’, Meikz999 stays true to himself and his vision.

Speaking openly with us about the new project, Meikz999 shared, “This project was a representation of what goes on in my head when I tune out the world. No, I haven't written any of these tracks they came straight from my soul... Majority of my music making usually involves with me making a connection with the beat and saying what I think it wants me to say while essentially just having fun.”

You can stream the full EP below via Spotify or find it on all your favourite streaming platforms.

A raw, personal, and impressive introduction to Meikz999’s stark creative world, ‘The Fadeling’ is exactly what independent music is all about, capturing a moment from the artist and delivering it straight to your speakers. For more from Meikz999, be sure to check out his socials below.

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