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Madoc Plane - 'Overdrive'

  • 2 min read

WA's Madoc Plane immediately hypnotises with crisp grooves, driving pop sounds and textured harmonies in latest single ‘Overdrive’. Taking influence from the likes of Jordan Rakei, Matt Corby and The Weeknd, Madoc Plane creates a warm kaleidoscope of sounds that undulates around a core central theme of pop-soul.

In this, his third single, a teaser of his forthcoming debut EP ‘Own Worst Enemy’, out October 28th, vaporwave-infused instrumentation builds a fluorescent and futuristic dancefloor from which Madoc Plane's vocals flourish. It’s a heady sonic concoction that drips with soul and swirls with groove, taking listeners to a darkening club. 

Speaking about the single, Madoc added, "‘Overdrive’ is an electro-pop track showing hints of soul and dance. I tried to draw upon the sounds of The Weeknd and Kaytranada in this one, using a strong, driving drum beat underneath multiple layers of samples, synths and ambience. There was a period earlier this year where I used a lot of mindfulness exercises to work on my mental health and I found it super helpful and inspiring. ‘Overdrive’ touches on this period, representing getting past self doubt and putting yourself out there with confidence."

‘Overdrive’ marks the second single of Madoc Plane since signing to Tone City Records (DICE, Nectar, Supathick) earlier this year. With vocals from Madoc and drums from Joel Dalton recorded by Sam Ford (POND, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Abbe May), at Tone City Recording Studio the single was then mixed and mastered by label mast-head Sam Ford with addition production by Madoc Plane and Blake Weller (Bassist).

Madoc continued, “I worked collaboratively with Blake Weller in the writing and production of Overdrive. Blake provided a huge contribution to the tune, both with songwriting and production.  Working with a close friend was extremely beneficial and having someone to keep things honest whilst also providing new ideas and opinions is invaluable during creation sessions.”

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