MajorHardcore – ‘Toxic Lyrics’

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A self-styled major player of the underground scene, MajorHardcore is well on his way to becoming one of hip-hop most sought-after talents. Born in the projects and growing up in public housing, MajorHardcore was brought up the hard way, living rough and fighting every step of the way. After breaking through with debut single ‘Misery Go On and On’ earlier this year, MajorHardcore has been laying waste to the rap scene, releasing a string of heavy-hitting singles that have earned him over 35,000 loyal listeners on Spotify alone.

While his discography can already boast some of rap’s heaviest hitting singles, it’s only recently that MajorHardcore has released a full EP, taking to the mic and unleashing the four-track collection of ‘Toxic Lyrics’. A titanic release that looks deep into MajorHardcore’s dark creative work, ‘Toxic Lyrics’ is bursting at the seams with heavy lyrical hooks and mad-cap beats, and an unstoppable flow.

Released with the help of King Jahi, who features on all four tracks, the new EP fires on all cylinders, offering unforgettable moments in the form of ‘Numb’ and ‘You Can’t Feel My Energy’, two opening anthems that simply refuse to quit. Calculated, expressive, and filled with home truths, there is so much potential on show in the EP, and as the tracks roll on, it’s clear to see that MajorHardcore can deliver time and time.

Available to stream now on Spotify, ‘Toxic Lyrics’ is a rough-cut dose of rap and RnB magic that will satisfy even the most hardcore of fans. Tune in today, and don’t forget to follow MajorHardcore on his social media pages so you never miss a beat.

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