Shannon Burchett – ‘Nirvana’

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A talented recording artist, singer, and songwriter Shannon Burchett has risen to become one of Dallas’ most exciting performers. Armed with a modern pop sound that shines with heavier rock elements, Shannon’s authentic style has become central to his success, delivering a heartfelt sound that has won over fans and critics alike.

Last year, Shannon released his debut album, ‘Lucky’, bringing to the fore twelve tracks built around his standout singles like ‘Alright’ and ‘Nirvana’. Offering a standout sound that fades into view as a perfect summer soundtrack, the track is gentle and unobtrusive, creating a warm ambience that builds into a full, spacious atmosphere.

Filled with warmth and heart, it’s a release that flows organically, taking its time and allowing the melody to build under its own weight. The backing beats weave their way through the instrumentals, while the vocals land delicately, creating a delicate wash of modern pop that falls effortlessly upon you. It’s a brilliant sound, and one that perfectly illustrates Shannon’s talents and appeal, creating a platform that the full album builds from.

After learning guitar and piano at the young age of five, it didn’t take long for Shannon to find the spotlight, completing his first public performance the following year. A natural talent, Shannon spent the following years recording songs and covers through a string of local studies, eventually posting them to YouTube where he quickly garnered a loyal following.

Shannon made his mark with the original recording, ‘Do You Know’, an instant hit that took flight from his social media channels and streaming sites. Since then, Shannon has continued to impress, channelling his contemporary sound into a stream of impressive new singles.

Most recently, Shannon has released two new singles titled ‘In Ukraine’ and ‘Touch’, which have seen him continuing to expand his textured sound. With two new singles planned for release this July, there’s never been a better time to get acquainted with Shannon’s music, so make sure you follow him on his social media pages below.

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