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Polo Joe – ‘How Many Ego Death's U Got?’

  • 2 min read

An aspiring rapper and talented mind explorer, Polo Joe might not be one of the most widely known talents in the rap game, but he’s certainly one of the most original. Peddling his own brand of ‘hard-bodied psychedelic hip-hop’, Polo Joe has been pushing his sound of Spotify and Soundcloud for a while now, turning heads and earning fans with his surrealist style, but now, with the release of his new two-track EP, he’s taken things to a whole new level.

Styled as a sensical rap experiment, ‘How Many Ego Death's U Got?’ cuts through reality with a bold unassailable sound, one that leans heavily on experimental vibes, bold boom-bap flourishes, and a psychedelic sound that will have your head spinning. While only two tracks long, Polo Joe covers a lot of ground, chipping away at the mainstream with a defiant and wonderfully refreshing beat.

In opening cut ‘Trying to Find the Meaning’, Polo lays down a textured wave of high-stepping beats and spliced audio snippets, stitching together a variety of sounds to create a foundation for his rueful refrains and hard-hitting lyrics. A reflection of his journey so far, the song is a personal anthem that looks through hardship, loss, drug use, and mental health. In the second cut, the psychotropic ‘Flying Away’, everything points to Polo’s vocals, surrounding his relentless, ensnaring flow with swirling backing vocals and sharp, flickering beats that amplify every moment.

With beats by MistaEvill and engineering by FEIO, the EP is a quickfire triumph, offering a sharp glimpse into the world that Polo Joe is creating for us all. Check it out below, or as part of our annual Spotify playlist.

One of the most hotly anticipated talents of the new year, Polo Joe is an artist just waiting to be discovered, and ‘How Many Ego Death’s U Got?’ might just be his ticket to the main stage.

Check it out today on Spotify and Soundcloud, and make sure you lend your support by following him on Instagram below.

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