Molly Millington - 'Bleach'

Singer-songwriter Molly Millington is diving into the depths of her vulnerabilities for one of her most emotional releases yet on new single 'Bleach'. Alongside her second slice of new music for 2023, Molly is also announcing her debut EP, '5 Stages' will be released on Friday, 17th of November via Nettwerk.

There is a radical honesty, vulnerability, and rawness carved into every line on 'Bleach' – it is right there from the track’s opening “I hold my breath until you call”, and it lingers far longer than the track’s heart-wrenching conclusion. For some songwriters, this outpouring of emotion might take years of work and practice, but for Molly – whose patchwork of tattoos include a heart on her sleeve, and the words ‘fragile’ and ‘handle with care’ – it is second nature.

On the track, Molly says, “I recently came to the understanding that there’s more than just physical ways of self-harming. One of those ways being wasting time and energy begging for someone’s love and respect knowing well and good they have no intention of giving it.”

Produced by ARIA-nominated Xavier Dunn and featuring recent single 'Foreign Accent' and her latest release 'Bleach', Molly’s debut EP '5 Stages' explores the five stages of grief through the lens of the rise and fall of her whirlwind engagement, which occurred within the span of a month while Molly was in the US.

Conceived across only a handful of days, the record explores a whole stretch of emotions across its five tracks – from the wide-eyed optimism of new love on full display in “Foreign Accent”, to anger, grief, sadness, and acceptance. With a maturity and understanding that can take whole careers to master, each of these very personal reflections is carefully wrapped in a tenderness and comfort that ensures that, at their core, there is space for every listener to bring their own experiences.

Speaking on her forthcoming EP, Molly shares, '5 Stages’ is about the stages of grieving the loss of a future you thought you wanted. Each song being a different stage of grief. The opening track, ‘Foreign Accent, is the back story then each song is a different stage – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.”

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