Tay - ‘One More Time’

A rising talent in the world of house music, Tay has been writing and recording music since he was a teenager, experimenting with new sounds and carving out a unique creative path. Now twenty-eight, Tay has started to take his music more seriously, focusing his time and effort on his music and breaking new ground with singles like ‘One More Time’.

Influenced by genre, more than by specific artists, Tay takes lead from his love of soul and funk, weaving bold melodies into vibrant shades of trap, rap, house, and more. A talented producer with a penchant for mixing colourful samples into his music, Tay has become a true creative force, standing tall among his local scene as one to watch.

Speaking openly about his latest release, Tay shared, “The song ‘One More Time’ is mainly inspired by old hard hitting house songs that give you the basics so you can figure out what you like solely about the song. I cleaned up parts for variation but still wanted that old school feel so I haven't added too much in the process. This song is mainly focused on the bassline and losing yourself into the rhythm that it provides throughout, the melody and counter melody is more so focused on throwing you from the same old reputation through the song which I hope I have managed to accomplish through the ears of the listener.”

A titanic house release that hits hard and then keeps on hitting, ‘One More Time’ is a true testament to Tay’s abilities. Available now, it’s quickly becoming a sensation on Spotify with over 7,000 streams since its release.

From the very first tones of the track, it’s obvious that Tay has given the track his all, blending styles with his passionate approach to music. An artist to watch and a name to remember, ‘One More Time’ serves as both a brilliant introduction to Tay, and an impressive follow-up to his previous singles.

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