MRTN – ‘Rap Diablo’

  • 2 min read

A local artist from San Francisco, CA, Mat Martin, better known as MRTN, has been building his fanbase for a few years now, crafting modern hip-hop anthems that cut you to the quick and demand to be heard.

While MRTN already has a string of impressive singles already to his name, there’s been a notable gap in new tracks from the up-and-coming artist, pushing back to 2018 when he last surfaced with the acclaimed single, ‘Rude’. Despite that, MRTN has not spent his time idle, and recently, there’s been flashes of brilliance and rumours that new music might well be on the way.

To celebrate the possibility, we got in touch with MRTN recently and decided to shine a new spotlight on one of his most enjoyed anthems, the undeniable ‘Rap Diablo’. A single originally taken from his three-track release ‘Gotta Start Somewhere’, ‘Rap Diablo’ rises from light flickering tones, layering MRTN’s tempered vocals with animated beats and a free-flowing energy that gets under your skin in an instant.

Speaking about the single and his upcoming plans, MRTN told us, “This is actually the first song I ever dropped like seven years ago, and I was able to buy all the rights from the producer a few years back. It’s been some time since I released anything, but I am starting a small little campaign and plan on getting back to releasing music! I know the track still has a lot of life in it which is why we are here! So, I hope everyone enjoys the vibe!”

At just two minutes in length, ‘Rap Diablo’ is a fierce and wonderfully quickfire anthem that demands to be heard. For more from MRTN, including his previous singles and the full EP, check out his Spotify page below. You can also follow him on his social media pages to make sure you don’t miss any new releases as they arrive.

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