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MTRSS – ‘Cali High (Chores Remix)’

  • 2 min read

Born from an evening in a suburban Tokyo vinyl bar, when a small group of visiting musicians sat down for a long chat with the bar’s owner, MTRSS has become one of the most expansive and exciting new projects of the last few years. Based in L.A. and built from a unique voyage of audio and visual experiences, the collective travelled around the world to create their unforgettable single ‘Cali High’, tracing a path from the Sea of Japan, somewhere between Tokyo and Vladivostok. A unique experience, the single took on a life of its own shortly after its release, evolving to become a collaborative journey where artists and digital alchemists can dream, twist, and creative with total freedom.

While there might already be five unique incarnations of ‘Cali High’, it’s the sixth that has really caught our eye, with MTRSS teaming up with the award-winning Melbourne-based ensemble, Chores. A band that have become synonymous with feel-good, dance-floor fillers, Chores have established themselves as one of the most exciting new electronic acts south of the equator, and so their decision to take on ‘Cali High’ has made for one of the most highly anticipated remixes of the year so far.

A unique release that only MTRSS and Chores could dream up, the new remix is an essential slice of dance-pop brilliance, elevating the original track to a cosmic world of EDM sound. An expansive piece that unfolds over the course of five invigorating minutes, everything about Chores’ remix is built to evoke excitement and build anticipation. From the twisted, sonic vocals and tribal beats that first open the track, to the soaring synth wails and unapologetic dance energy that bursts forth, Chores’ remix of the track is utterly captivating, taking hold and refusing to let go for the length of its run.

As the remix unfolds, the duo twist, turn, and contort the original into an inescapable aural experience, cutting the central melody apart and stitching it to a runaway EDM sound. Everywhere you turn there is another impressive trick, and Chores even make sure to include a classic coda moment, with the song burning down to a cinder before triumphantly returning to the fore once again. It’s a perfect moment and one that will have fans of both MTRSS and Chores crying out for more. Check it out for yourself with an exclusive stream below.

Easily one of the most impressive remixes of the track so far, Chores’ remix breathes new life into MSTRSS’ single, showing their creativity, while also paying perfect respect to the original. A definite highlight of the year so far, it’s available now on all major platforms.

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