Draaco Aventura – ‘Just Shutup and Dance’

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A fan of Latin-pop fusion and a talented artist in his own right, Draaco Aventura has been writing and producing his own music for as long as he can remember. After taking to singing, dancing, and acting early in life, he’s risen to become one of those rare, authentic ‘natural artist’ that we all look to, shaping his future and coping with his past through a deft medley of vibrant dance-pop sounds. Today, Draaco has finally arrived on our stage, and he’s bringing with him a brand new single, along with a unique dance challenge.

Titled ‘Just Shutup and Dance’, the new single sees Draaco diving into some dynamic club vibes, channelling the wild excitement of the club and layering it perfectly with a deft touch of Latin pop and some smooth reggaeton rhythms. A single that is full of life, it’s a perfect illustration of Draaco’s style, and of what music means to him. A self-confessed lifeline that has carried him through some of the hardest times in his life, Draaco openly admits that “without [music] I most likely could have been drawn into drug selling and gang street life that so many others got drawn into”.

Easily one of the most energetic examples of modern electro-pop that you’ll find in this or any other year, Draaco’s new single is filled with an unstoppable sense of pride and excitement, extending a hand and demanding you dance the night away.

Along with the release of the single, Draaco has also created a brand-new dance challenge that is the perfect fit for the fast-paced, energetic sounds that he has created. Built on the tags #GetHimDress and #DraacoChallenge, which you can use on all social media platforms, the challenge has taken off around the world, with several great videos from stunning, professional dancers already circulating.

Along with his success as a musician, Draaco has also been a recurring member of the group cast on ‘House of Cards’, and he was a principal actor on BET TV Series ‘Criminals at Work’ where he portrayed Keith Nicks. You can connect with Draaco below via his social media pages, and don’t forget to tune into ‘Just Shutup and Dance’ today!

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