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Myyora – ‘One Song’

  • 2 min read

An impressive talent who has previously graced our pages and playlists with singles like ‘Run’ and ‘After Eight’, Myyora has announced herself as a wonderfully unique talent. With an elegant, sombre and utterly charming presence, she’s an artist who embodies the smooth R&B and neo-soul sounds that she presents, offering a nuanced stylistic shift that leans on vibrant EDM and evocative pop. Today, Myyora has announced two massive new singles, with the first arriving in the form of the heartfelt anthem, ‘One Song’.

Creating a sound that is filled with grace, sensuality, and soul, Myyora’s latest single is a perfect example of how an impressive talent can make a simple sound absolutely timeless. While ‘One Song’ may first appear as an easy listening piece, there is a depth to the song and its story that make it unforgettable, and Myyora does a brilliant job bringing it all to life. Delivering a positive stream of lyrics that never fail to inspire, everything about the single is healing, meditative, and wonderfully melodic, drawing you in and cleansing you with a conscious, empathetic vibe.

On ‘One Song’ Myyora channels all of her feelings into a gorgeous three-and-a-half-minutes of soul-searching and spiritual healing for listeners all across the world. With elegance, poise, and plenty of heart, Myyora controls the stage with ‘One Song’, capitalising on her elegant vocals, sharp, melodic sound, and open, honest connection to create a modern masterpiece.

The effects of ‘One Song’ are immersive, sweeping away the grey every day and taking you to a better place, and after the last few years, that’s something we can all appreciate. You can stream ‘One Song’ below, as well as on our annual Spotify playlist which also features her new single ‘Free’.

Born in London from Congolese parentage, Myyora has also spread her roots to France and manages to blend all of the existential fundamentals from those experiences into the essence of her music, as she scrutinises the irrational workings of the world, trying to make sense of it all. She works with a French Irish songwriting team and records professionally in the South of France.

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