NECTAR - 'Waiting On The World (Won't Work)'

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Perth psychedelic, indie soul band NECTAR return with their luscious new single ‘Waiting On The World (Won’t Work)’. A tasty slow jam that sees the young four-piece flexing their musical muscles and drawing from the chilled vibes of Dope Lemon and Tame Impal, the new single is a goreous piece featuring soaring guest vocals from Ella Pilcher.

A statement towards the manifestation of excuses by placing blame on the world around you, 'Waiting on the World (Won’t Work)' sets things straight, pushing the home truth that if you want things to happen in your life you have to work for it and make the change.

‘Waiting On The World (Won’t Work)’, was recorded at Tone City Recording Studio by Sam Ford. The track follows up their 2021 singles ‘Rat’s Race’, ‘Plateau’ and ‘In The Clear’ which garnered praise from Pilerats as “ones-to-watch”, LWA, X-Press Magazine and playlist support across Spotify (Local Noise, Indie Arrivals, Coast to Coast).

Speaking about the new single, the band explained, “For the most part we, as a band, collaborate and jam out new ideas that begin as a riff, chord progression, bass line, drum beat or a more structured idea. We then each respectively create our own parts, allowing one another to constructively critique and be open about our opinions, what should go where and the direction each track takes. Judah then brings it home with lyrics, and then we refine the recipe and present the dish to our hungry patrons! 'Waiting on the World (Won’t Work)' is a perfect example as it all started with a jam, with a voice memo demo onto a phone so we didn’t lose it forever. It probably sounds a lot different now though, for the better of course.”

It was through a shared love of similar music that sowed the NECTAR seed. The band members have a parent or close relative who either teaches or plays music, inspiring their songwriting and musicality, including Jac’s sibling Stella Donnelly.

"Jac (Drums) reached out to me through Instagram to see if I would like to come watch his solo gig at a local Music venue. I had never met Jac but he seemed like a really nice, genuine guy who shares the same passion as myself... Music. I went to the gig and of course my luck I was stuck in the line for the duration of his set. Once I had got into the venue he came up to me and introduced himself. We proceeded to chat about music and had organised to meet up for a jam and from there a new friendship blossomed. I actually remember after the jam, driving home i could not shake the thought of wanting to ask him to be in the band" Jack Arnett of the band added.

NECTAR are the newest members to Perth’s Tone City Records, the ever growing stable of artists under the guidance of Sam Ford (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, POND, Abbe May, DICE). The band will be celebrating the release of ‘Waiting On The World (Won’t Work)’, by launching the single at Mojo’s Fremantle on Saturday, April 2.

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