Rebecca Lappa - 'Tales of a Taurus'

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Prolific Canadian singer-songwriter Rebecca Lappa is back in the spotlight with highly-anticipated release of new indie-pop EP ‘Tales of a Taurus’.

Making music since the age of twelve in her native home of Edmonton, Alberta, Rebecca Lappa released six albums in quick succession between 2011 and 2016, winning over fans and critics alike, and has been nominated five times for the prestigious Canadian Folk Music Awards. Now Rebecca starts a new chapter, departing from the acoustic folk/rock that has distinguished her music so far, and boldly leaning into a new pop sound with her new EP ‘Tales of a Taurus’.

Opening the EP ‘Your One’ sets the stage for Rebecca Lappa’s bold new indie-pop direction with its multitude of beautifully layered harmonies and captivating chorus. The song further delights with beautiful and heartfelt lyrics from Rebecca, joining soul and sound together in perfect harmony. Recent single ‘Blue Lips’ uses ice-cold imagery in a sprightly pop song about unrequited love that is wonderfully fun and rich in sound, while the much darker ‘Lolita’ takes inspiration from the 1955 novel of the same name.

Elsehwere ‘Forecast’ delivers a very tender and sweet sound, with expertly used weather analogies Rebecca’s vocals shine on top of soaring guitars shimmering in reverb. For all the gorgeous layered soundscapes Rebecca creates in her new found sound, she still manages a nod to her previous folkier releases, as demonstrated on ‘Witch’s Way’, staying true to her acoustic singer-songwriter roots and her accomplished skills as a storyteller.

Speaking of the new EP, Rebecca explained, “Just like people change over time, my choice of how I express myself as an artist has changed over time.”

“I am currently at a point in my life where the most raw and authentic version of myself feels best expressed through pop and alternative music. With this EP, I am continuing my journey of creative expression. My focus is making music and stories that matters to me and hopefully it will impact others.”

Produced by Louise Burns and recorded between The Audio Department in Edmonton and 604 Studios in Vancouver, the EP was brought to life with Burns’ multi-layered previous experience, both as a band member in Lilix and as a solo performer in her own right. Not only did she carry out production and programming, Burns also contributed bass, synthesisers, and backing vocals, with drums played by Alex Glassford and Flavio Cirillo and additional guitar played by Max Cunningham.

Of the collaboration between herself and Louise, Rebecca proudly added that “She captured the intricate and intimate quality of my voice and my full range of expression, which shines through on these tracks. Louise had a lot of impact on the instrumentation because she was really tapped into the influences of the artists that I was inspired by for this EP.”

To celebrate the EP’s release, Rebecca will be over in the UK for some live appearances.

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