Rose Haven Motor Hotel share a gorgeous indie folk single in ‘Blue Moon’

The musical project of one-man-band Ben Atkinson, Rose Haven Motor Hotel has shared a relaxing and meditative new single called ‘Blue Moon’. Built on gentle acoustic riffs that shine with comfort and reassurance, the new single is a touching and intimate introduction to the project for those not yet acquainted.

Delivering a gorgeous wave of indie folk sounds that assemble through a rich blend of instrumentals, ‘Blue Moon’ is a masterclass in acoustic textures and sweet synth tones, conjuring up a delicate, but steady sound. The vocals are sweet and perfectly placed, creating an undeniably relaxed style, while the emotional depth behind the track breaks through in waves, constantly pulling you deeper into the immersive track.

Blending influences from country, indie, and timeless folk, ‘Blue Moon’ is a reflective and poignant release, letting you explore your emotions a bit more deeply with each passing note. recorded alone at his home in Jackson, Mississippi, the new single sees Ben exploring delicate moments of change, as he explained, “This song is about recognising the end of a relationship, or perhaps just a moment of great change, and figuring out how to accept it in that moment.”

There’s a deep honesty and emotional quality to the song, and it draws you in over and over again, ensuring that every note and solitary tone is uncovered and appreciated just as the artist intended.

Ben Atkinson is the creative voice behind Rose Haven Motor Hotel. Hailing from Jackson, Mississippi, he’s an artist who lets his music take the focus, keeping his own life and journey away from the public eye. He released his debut single, ‘Nebraska’ last year, and since then has been fine tuning his textured indie sound.

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