Laurdé showcases a hybrid hip-hop and neo-soul sound in new EP ‘LuhhnDank’

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A visionary songwriter, composer, and music producer from Flagstaff, South Africa, Laurdé has recently shared his latest five-track EP, delivering ten minutes of captivating soul sounds and modern hip-hop flourishes. A captivating artist at the top of his game, Laurdé has been charming audiences since his debut in 2023, but his latest release might just be his best so far.

Openly with the crooning instrumentals of ‘Daank’, Laurdé wastes little time in making the new EP matter, creating and effortlessly cool vibes through deep bass tones, free-flowing jazz vibes, and brilliant, quick stepping beatings. It’s an instantly immersive track, setting the stage for the EP perfectly. In the following number ‘Posh’, Laurdé switches tacts, leaning more heavily on his hip-hop influences, creating a moving acoustic ensemble that is uniquely his own.

In ‘Luhh’, Laurdé digs into more sweeping, ambient tones, delivering solitary musical tones and soft, sweeping vocal harmonies, building the track slowly until the end where it really blossoms. Elsewhere ‘Don’t You Know That - Acapella’, Laurdé showcases his varied vocals styles, looping and layering his voice to make a moving acapella piece, while closing ‘Wena’ is a fittingly immersive and soulful track, leaving you on a gentle and heartfelt ending.

Throughout the EP, Laurdé touches on love and romance, using each track to reflect on different elements and experiences. As it was explained in his press release, “This here project depicts his early influences from neo-soul to pop and hip-hop, and it touches on love as a general concept then dives into romance from songs like ‘Luhh’ to ‘Don’t You Know That’ and ultimately his love for music and creativity.”

After starting his career in music during his freshman year 2019, Laurdé has become a unique and innovative force in music. With Influences such as Tom Misch, Jordan Rakei, Lianne La Havas, and Saba just to name a few, his sound and instrumentals drift seamlessly between styles, genres, and even era. For the last few years, he has been steadily developing a fusion of RnB, dance, and hip-hop elements, with his music becoming an impressive display of range and creativity.

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