Sophia Cluzet - ‘Wintertime in Brooklyn’

An indie singer and songwriter based in the bustling creative heart of Brooklyn, New York, Sophia Cluzet is back in the spotlight with a heartwarming new single. Inspired by late night walks through the city’s snow-covered streets, ‘Wintertime in Brooklyn’ artfully delves into the hurt and heartbreak that always accompanies unrequited love.

Having been featured on both the iTunes Top 20 Charts and the Billboard Top 25 Dance Charts for her scintillating EDM anthems, Sophia has recently decided to dive into the world of emotive indie rock, channelling dream pop melodies and atmospheric vibes into her new single. Influenced by the likes of Mazzy Star, Lana Del Rey and Cigarettes After Sex, her new sound has already been warmly received online, with the single receiving over 3,500 streams on Spotify already.

Written and sung by Sophia Cluzet, with backing vocals, instrumentals, and production by Tracy Walton, ‘Wintertime in Brooklyn’ is a simply gorgeous release, delivering a brilliant blend of rolling guitar chords, hushed, flowing vocals, and subtle building atmospherics. At its heart, it’s a song filled with gentle character and deep, moving sentimentality, showcasing Sophia’s talents in perfect form.

Speaking about the single, Sophia explained, “The song ‘Wintertime in Brooklyn’ follows a couple walking through the snowy streets of Brooklyn past midnight. The cold of the snow and ice is representative of the lack of warmth and love that the hopeful lover receives from their partner. Despite the evidence of unrequited feelings and having their heart dragged through the snow, they still try to find a glimmer that maybe their feelings aren't in vain.”

A stunning introduction to Sophia’s indie sounds, ‘Wintertime in Brooklyn’ is a wonderfully evocative release that reveals more of itself with every listen. For more from Sophia, be sure to check out her Soundcloud and Spotify pages below, where you can find her latest indie-tinged release, ‘Wild Honey’.

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