Siobhan Cotchin - 'Growing Pains'

Marking an emotional maturation, Siobhan Cotchin's latest single is paired with the stark relatability and candidness that has assisted her in building a passionate following across the country. Titled ‘Growing Pains’, the single is an “ode to anxiety”, helping audiences find solace in the uncertainty of the future, even when irresolute of who they truly are.

Having sparkled across stages this year, sharing floorboards with Spacey Jane, Kav Temperley, and Bob Evans, Noah Dillon and Katy Steele as well as upcoming shows with Leon Bridges and Teskey Brothers, Cotchin is now poised to etch her name further into audiences psyche, with ‘Growing Pains’ her first release after acclaimed EP ‘Highways and Heartbreaks’.

Working with Perth-based producer Sam Ford (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, POND, Abbe May), Siobhan recorded the indie-alt ballad at Tone City Recordings, staying close to home to lay down the final tracks. Aged only twenty-one, she performs with a touching and powerful intelligence that belies her youthful experiences, poised to dig deeper and further as she grows.

Siobhan explained, “‘Growing Pains’ is a super personal song about the realities of growing up. It’s about wanting to avoid all responsibilities of adulthood and the anxieties I think we’ve all faced at some point about who we are and where we fit in the world. It’s kind of an ode to my anxiety and the way it makes me act by ‘ghosting my friends’ and just generally avoiding people. I hope with ‘Growing Pains’, people can find solace and comfort in the lyrics and know it’s completely okay to be scared of the future and not know who you are. It’s all part of being human!”

“It was so incredible to work with Sam Ford at Tone City. I feel like I’m starting fresh and exploring aspects of my music I haven’t had the chance to yet. I always have the best time in the studio with my band, it was a super easy process and all just naturally flowed.”

Siobhan accolades and powerful compositions are reminiscent of a songwriter much deeper into their career than the twenty-one-year old. Sharing stages with Robert Forster (Go-Betweens), Spacey Jane, Leon Bridges & Kav Temperley across 2022, has allowed her to blossom into a trailblazing artist within her own right. West Australian Music (WAM) awards for 'Most Popular New Act & Song Of The Year' in 2021 positioned Cotchin as one-to-watch, not just in WA, but across Australia. Support from tastemakers triple j, triple j Unearthed, RTR FM, Pilerats, and more followed. Now with guitar-ballad single ‘Growing Pains’ in tow, Cotchin has positioned herself on the precipice of a breakout single.

Celebrating the launch of the single, Siobhan will be joined by her live band to perform ‘Growing Pains’, alongside tracks from her EP ‘Highways and Heartbreaks’ at The Bird in Perth on Saturday, June 11th. Not to be a lonesome performance, Cotchin will be sharing the stage with Nectar, Lonesome Dove, and more to be announced.

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