Sydney’s H4rd5tuck revel in alt-pop vibes with sleek sophomore single ‘Hope’

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A seasoned musician and performer with a career spanning well over a decade, H4rd5tuck has returned with their highly anticipated second single. After sharing ephemeral debut cut ‘Cope’ in August last year, all eyes have been fixed firmly on H4rd5tuck to see whether she can continue to build on her blossoming alt-pop sound.

Released today, along with the official music video a few days later, ‘Hope’ wastes no time in elevating all doubts, fading into view with a perfectly polished blend of syncopated synth sounds, rhythmic beats, and gorgeous vocals. Dreamy and instantly evocative, the single tracks a beautiful line between building alt-pop aesthetics and enchanting electronic flourishes, laying a perfectly platform for H4rd5tuck’s openly line, “I’ve been running up and down every crook and corner, trying to find autonomy and independence.”

Taking center stage, H4rd5tuck’s vocals are utterly captivating, drawing you in and adding depth to the track, while the instrumentals ebb and flow throughout. Reflective and vulnerable, with a touch of contemporary RnB, ‘Hope’ is gorgeously layered, painting a vivid picture through shifting musical elements, modulated vocals, and unique blend of influences.

With her debut single, H4rd5tuck transitioned from an accomplished songwriter to an alt-pop luminary, and now, with ‘Hope’ she has continued to push boundaries and prove that she is one of this year’s artists to watch. A sleek and expressive release packed with an unforgettable melodic sound, ‘Hope’ is a single that deserves all the praise and attention it can get.

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