Spirits of Saturn Rise Again with 'Transfigured'

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Get ready to be transfigured by the sounds of Spirits of Saturn. Their third single, out today, promises a journey through the emotional aftermath of a relationship's end.

Following the success of their debut single 'Feelings Agency' and the high-energy '100mph', 'Transfigured' takes a different approach. Recorded at Loop Studios in Manchester and meticulously mixed and mastered by Superorganism's Tucan, it's a thumping synth-pop ballad that weaves together synthesiser and string melodies like a neon tapestry.

The song delves into the psychological shifts that occur after a breakup, exploring how time and personal narrative construction can transfigure (transform) our emotions. The band's sound, drawing subtle inspiration from Kraftwerk, Todd Rundgren, Daft Punk, and Suicide, is a future-leaning disco-pop with a bright, hopeful vibe that stands out in a world often dominated by negativity.

You can stream the new single below, and make sure you catch the band as they celebrate the release of 'Transfigured' with a headline show at London's Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, presented by Permanent Creeps.

Formed in 2022, Spirits of Saturn is a collaborative force. Early Sans (Superorganism) on synths and vocals joins Edmund Blackadder (vocals), Scott Docherty (keys & bass), and Elian Lion (drums) who drives the band with his distinct, motorik grooves.

After two sold-out London shows in 2023, Spirits of Saturn supported Temples on a UK tour, playing legendary venues like Koko, Brudenell Social Club, and Band on the Wall.

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