The Antenna Tribe feat. okafuwa – ‘Timeless’

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Over the past few years, The Antenna Tribe has quietly become one of the most diverse and intriguing acts around. A collaborative project formed by an anonymous producer, The Antenna Tribe has pushed the boundaries of modern electronica with the help of long-term feature artists, bending melodies and curating sparse lo-fi sounds to perfection.

On their latest release, the producer and okafuwa have joined forces again, creating a brand new single that picks up seamlessly from their last collaboration, ‘So Lost’. Taking lead from their previous work with Silke and the release of their celebrated four-track EP ‘Shadows’, the new single is a marvellous listen that sees light, flickering static wash over calming, isolated tones and textured callings vocals.

Breaking new grounds with lo-fi vibes and chilled tempos colliding beautifully over subtle electronic melodies, ‘Timeless’ is a single that represents a new era for the Antenna Tribe. Speaking about the new single and the future of their work, the producer explained, “’Timeless’ represents the second single resulting from the recent collaboration with singer-songwriter, okafuwa. This relationship has proven to be a fruitful one, resulting in several more new singles in various stages of production awaiting release over the next few months.”

“A complete album encompassing all of the work developed with okafuwa is forthcoming and entitled, ‘Curious Emotions’. This partnership also serves to further diversify the Antenna Tribe catalogue and achieve the purpose of showcasing various vocal talents. We are excited to be able to be producing such quality work with others like okafuwa.”

You can stream the new single above via Spotify, or on our annual playlist where it’s streaming alongside a host of other impressive tracks. For more, make sure you follow The Antenna Club on their social media pages, so you never miss a new release.

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