The Music Therapy Experiment - ‘Islands of Kindness’

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Recently, we featured a few works by guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Dr. John Kline, including‘Akhal Teke (Remix)’, a vibrant cut from his project with Mark Christianson, The Music Therapy Experiment. A powerful track, it was an invigorating introduction to the duo’s work, and one that led us down the garden path to their latest emotive single, ‘Islands of Kindness’.

Released only recently, the single is the first new music to arrive following the band’s triumphant and audibly adventurous fifth album‘Art and Science’, delivering an experience that is both complex and accessible, layering improvised structures and spontaneous sounds with a sweet, feel-good vibe. 

A sporadic and constantly surprising piece that finds its compositional roots in classic jazz stylings, ‘Islands of Kindness’ is a free-flowing piece, moving to its own eclectic energy, and seamlessly slipping between genres. Throughout its run, there are elements of scintillating ambient rock, cinematic and soothing pop overtones, and lavish, sophisticated sonic representations, with both artists working in sync to make the track shine.

Speaking with us about the track, the duo explained the organic and often immersive nature of the track in detail, adding, “It is best thought of as a ‘comprovisation’ of spontaneous design. It was partly planned, and mostly not. That's Jazz! It's a feel-good track. John and his wife Irina conceived of the title during a walk together. ‘Be islands of kindness, even if in a vast ocean of cruelty’ is the sentiment. It's a good sentiment. The world needs love.”

With over 27,000 streams on Spotify alone, ‘Islands of Kindness’ is well on its way to being The Music Therapy Experiment’s most powerful and appreciated release to date. In true form, accolades for and recognition of the track keep building, with the single set to be pushed for consideration to this year’s Grammys for ‘Best Jazz Performance’.

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