Tyler Weiss - ‘Seeds To Sow’

A talented singer and songwriter from Eugene, Oregon, Tyler Weiss has just recently released his debut album ‘Seeds To Sow’, unveiling a rustic collection of ten songs that speak to the heart and showcase his musical journey. Available now on most major streaming platforms, the album is a reflective introduction to the blossoming artist and his timeless folk and alt-rock sound. 

After first giving us a glimpse into the album with the release of lead singles ‘Baked Bean Blues’ and ‘Wild Hair’, the unveiling of ‘Seeds To Sow’ has sparked a flurry of excitement, with his loyal fanbase joining in to share and enjoy the new album. Written so that it can be felt and appreciated by everyone, no matter their path through life, the album is a textured and wonderfully authentic listen, offering smooth, charming sounds and rolling acoustic melodies. It’s an album that sees Tyler blending his heart and soul with his music, offering an honest look into his life and creative style, while also paying homage to his inspirations like Josh Ritter, Tom Waits, and James Taylor.

Speaking candidly about the album with us, Taylor shared, “My recent album release provides a pretty accurate glimpse into the journey I've been on for the past decade, but I feel like many of them can take on completely different interpretations, depending on the listener.” He continued, speaking about his life and inspirations, “When I'm not writing or performing my music, I spend my days working in various gardens around town. I find that this peaceful and stress-free occupation is incredibly helpful when it comes to fueling my creative writing, and some not so subtle gardening themes will sometimes show up in my songs.“

Filled with raw, expressive melodies and Tyler’s heartfelt vocals, the album features an impressive list of standout tracks, from the widely enjoyed early singles, to more recent, ruminative releases like ‘Beginnings of a Tune’ and ‘Memories Close To The Heart’. You can stream the full album below via Spotify.

Along with his music and updates across his social media pages, Tyler also runs his own Patreon page where he shares original songs and covers each month. As he explains on his page, “Each month I will be uploading 4 covers highlighting a particular musician who has had significant influence on my writing, as well as one new original song of my own which will be accompanied by a video.”

For more about Tyler and his newly released album, you can find him on Facebook and Instagram below.

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