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Marco Angelo - 'Neo Universale'

  • 2 min read

A predominantly instrumental artist known simply as 'The Hooded Guitarist', rising star Marco Angelo has recently shared his first official release on Spotify, 'Neo Universale'.

Known for his mysterious cowled appearance, Marco is a virtuoso musician from Italy whose solo work is typified by sharp guitar riffs and driving rock anthemics. While his background covers a wide range of genres, from covers that recreate video games and anime songs to diverse original tracks, Marco's first Spotify track is a straight shot of captivating rock, lashing out with fierce guitar links and introducing him to the platform in style. At just over five-minutes in length, 'Neo Universale' carves out an impressive journey, one that Marco pieces together perfectly, drawing you in and holding your focus with ease. For many of his releases, and especially for 'Neo Universale', it's Marco's driving guitar riffs that form the basis of each composition, stitching together dark tapestries that will cut you to the quick every single time.

Outside of the single, Marco has released four studio albums and performed all across the globe, building a loyal audience in Japan, Europe, and the United States. Together with Carl Anthony Lorenz, who often accompanies Marco on keyboards and sequencer, 'The Hooded Guitarist' has created an iconic image, one that sees sound and aesthetic blend in perfect harmony. A testament to the power of his character, Marco's motto is 'Stay Hooded', a trend that frequently sees his fans donning hoods and joining in the experience during his concerts.

Available now on Spotify and most major streaming platforms, 'Neo Universale' is a perfect illustration of Marco's sound, and a brilliant introduction for those not yet familiar with his formidable sound.

Throughout his career, Marco has won numerous awards, and he continues to collaborate with artists from around the world in his pursuit of dynamic, instrumental sounds. After having to postpone his third tour of Japan due to the global pandemic, Marco found new productivity, producing new music and guitar videos for his social web pages and finding new fans in Japan and other countries all over the world.

For more from Marco, be sure to check out his social media pages below and keep a keen eye on his Spotify and Bandcamp pages for more releases.

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