Virginia’s own Christhebrooo shares ‘Get A Mop’ and announces his upcoming project

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A refreshing and innovative artist from the wild creative heart of central Virginia, Christhebrooo has recently shared his latest single, simply titled ‘Get A Mop’. Released as an ode to everyone who works hard and earns their fun, the single is a brazen blend of sharp verse and dynamic, as well as an ensnaring glimpse into his upcoming project.

Released recently on all your favourite streaming platforms, ‘Get A Mop’ sees the rising star, affectionately known as CTB, carving out new ground, delivering a short, but undeniably catchy rap anthem that is sure to impress. A deliberately cut track that sticks in your head from the very first beat, ‘Get A Mop’ is a surefire sign of success.

Throughout, Christhebrooo’s style and confidence effortlessly carry the track, pushing through the heavy beats to create a powerful music statement. Speaking with us about the track, Christhebrooo shared, “this here is a new single before the project is released. 2024 I will be pushing my brand and music! This is a very short but catchy song; this will do numbers very soon!”

At its core, the single serves as an anthem for all those who put in the work, stay humble, and deserve a reward for their efforts. It's about celebrating success, and taking charge of your triumphs, whatever that might look for you.

Speaking further about his inspiration for the single, and the upcoming project, tentatively titled ‘Drip Talk 1’, Christhebrooo added, “The basis of this song and soon-to-be project, is to highlight those who work hard and stay down and have earned their fun! Be on the lookout for the project ‘Drip Talk 1’ coming this spring!”

While only just over a minute and a half, ‘Get A Mop’ makes a heavy mark on the modern rap landscape, with the song's infectious energy fueled by the driving beat and Christhebrooo's confident flow. His lyrics are a clever mix of playful boasts and nods to the grind, creating a relatable and triumphant vibe that is reflective, accessible, and easily relatable. While arguably a standalone hit, the new cut is an impressive platform for the upcoming project, setting the standard for a collection of hard-hitting, celebratory bangers.

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