Jayden Panda – ‘This Time’

An artist who has quickly become known for his heavy EDM beats and giant panda head, Jayden Panda has become one of 2019’s first viral artists. A producer and showman who maintains his anonymity, Jayden launched his first single on the 28th of December last year, celebrating its debut with a very special music video, one that racked up an incredible 1,000,000 views within days of being made public.

Already set to become one of the biggest players in the international dance/pop scene, Jayden has taken the world by storm, earning over 250,000 Instagram followers and many more fans that are all dedicated to the panda-clad artist. A collaboration with Celine Farach, a young American singer and star-to-be in the entertainment world with over 1,2 million followers on Instagram, and Matluck, a fellow American singer with a lot of active collaborations with producers such as Nicky Romero, Mike Williams and Dzeko, ‘This Time’ is a visceral, energetic EDM anthem for the ages.

The video is irrefutable proof that Jayden represents the thin border between what exists and the impossible, between magic and reality. It’s a bold and impressive step forward, and one that brings him ever closer to his goal of bringing an emotional and creative experience to everyone that will listen.

Importantly, he’s not alone in that mission. In June of 2018 Jayden became a proud member of the entertainment brand, Mates, and growing group of artists and entertainers that have a combined 15,000,000 followers across their social media networks. With their aid, and his own creative style, Jayden is set to become a household name and a star to remember.

‘This Time’ is available now on Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud.

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